Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why Blog?

Blogging can be very challenging. Rising to the challenge and succeeding can be very rewarding.

For example, I was trying to upload a picture on my Church blog. I went through the normal steps and received the message, "Your picture has been uploaded." But it wasn't there. I tried again. When the dialog box opened to browse for a picture, it said it was still uploading the picture. Well, no wonder the picture wasn't there. So I waited and waited. Still no picture. I tried uploading again, got the same results. I closed Blogger and did some other things. Opened it back up, signed on, uploaded picture again and the dialog box was still loading. So I shut down the computer and went to Lawton.

About 10 hours later, I turned the computer back on and went back to blogger. I tried once more to upload the picture and guess what! If you guessed things were the same as they were ten hours ago, you're right. I decided to try something different. I reuploaded the picture and when I got the message that it was uploaded, but it wasn't, I right clicked on the picture in the dialogue box and got its location on blogger. I pasted that into notepad. Then I went to another blog post that had a picture formatted like I wanted this one to be, centered and large. I opened that blog post and copied the html for the picture and pasted it in the notepad.

I found the html information for the copied photo and then replaced it with the same (yet different) html that described the photo I wanted in my blog. Oh my gosh, it worked! Makes me feel like a computer rock star!

Was it worth it? Oh yeah.

You can view the photo and blog at title: Send Crosswire to Illinois, date: March 27, 2010. This address will take you directly to the post:

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