Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a Mystery

You'll need a few facts to help me unravel this mystery.

1. I normally exercise at Curves on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
2. This week I did not go to Curves on Monday or Tuesday. I was busy (after school classes), sick (allergies or a cold) and tired (still have jet lag from daylight savings time).
3. On Wednesday I wore a pair of earrings like the one pictured here to school and then to the Lawton Public Library where I work 5-9 on Wednesday evenings.
4. When I went to take off the earrings, I only had the one in my right ear. The left one was gone.
5. I had a pullover shirt on so I thought the earring might have come off with the shirt. I shook out the shirt and still no earring.
6. The earring could be in the bottom of the clothes hamper, in the car, at school, at the public library, or any number of places I'd been on Wednesday.
7. I went to Curves on Thursday. I was wearing totally different clothes than I was wearing on Wednesday - shoes, socks, everything.

Here's the mystery: At Curves on Thursday, I was doing my 30 seconds of aerobic exercise on a board, getting ready to move to the next machine when I saw my earring on the floor underneath the machine that I would go to next, and for the first time that day.

I would appreciate any comments you might have that would explain the return of my earring. The only idea I have is that God is showing me that miracles do happen. Have you got anything better?


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