Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lee Ann's Blanket

Here is Kelli looking at the blanket that Lee Ann made for baby Noah. Kelli's husband, Wade, on the left and her friend keeping track of the gifts and their givers on the right.

The photo uploader still isn't working for me. I understand blogger is changing/improving the upload system. It hasn't changed for me. Upload looks the same, one photo per upload, no hint about going to picasa to retrieve photos...it all looks the same, it just doesn't work.

And there was something about the great new templates. They don't show up in my blogger. Maybe I should try explorer and see if that makes a difference. I did upload a picture to my school blog from a school computer and it worked fine. Everything looked as it always does, but at least the photo uploaded like it always has in the past.

Funny that the html makes the photo visible when blogger doesn't seem to know where the photo is.

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