Saturday, January 16, 2010

No New Phone Yet

The Razr still doesn't work but Daryl says it takes a day or two for the battery to totally dry out. He's had some experience with this.

In the meantime I looked at prices of phone batteries. The full price is $50. I googled the battery brand and number and got a result from Amazon. I shop there a lot and am always satisfied so I went to see what they had. I ordered a battery for $4 and car charger for $3 and a book I've been wanting to get for 70 cents. With postage it was $18. Well worth it. So now I wait on either the battery to dry or the one from Amazon to get here. I guess I'll also be waiting on my new iphone.

As an afterthought, let me mention that this morning's shopping experience at Amazon qualifies for the best of the worst. Not a a good thing to possibly ruin your phone's battery, but to replace it or get a back-up battery for $4 is the best solution to this problem to me.

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