Friday, January 15, 2010

The best, unchanged

I was thinking today that I'd run out of the best of the worst and would have to actually start writing about the best of what's good. I even have a couple of ideas, but then tonight as I was helping my grandson out of the bath tub, my cell phone fell in. I got it out as quickly as possible and dried it off. It said, "Remove battery." I would, if I could figure out how. Finally it came open and I have it in pieces, letting it dry overnight. Maybe it will work tomorrow. If it doesn't, how could this be the best of the worst?

I've been wanting and dreaming about an iphone. But I haven't had my razr for a year yet and it's on a 2 year contract. Seems unnecessary to upgrade at this point. And still, an iphone, how fun. This may be the accident that gets me an iphone. We'll see.

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