Saturday, January 23, 2010


Mari made an awesome North Pole Ruffle scarf as a Christmas gift for Abby. I have lots of yarn left over from a school crochet project that I thought would be great to use on this pattern. Of course this is different yarn than the "Lion Brand" yarn used in the pattern and I didn't have a "K" hook so I used a wooden one with no size markings on it that looked like it was about a "K." These substitutions were not as successful as my soup project. My scarf is quite a bit longer than the one Mari made. It makes a nice collar around the neck when double wrapped that would be excellent in the next frigid snow storm. When will that be? Or maybe you know a giant in need of a nice ruffle scarf.

My sister, Susan, sent me a link to some really cool patterns for plarn (plastic yarn made out of bread wrappers and WalMart type bags). I can hardly wait to get started on those.

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