Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Scary Walk Home

It was a busy day. Up early to make it to a before school meeting. Then school until 3:30. Change clothes and dash into Lawton to exercise. Home to change back into original clothes then walk to school to attend a PhotoShop class held in the school library. I opened the doors at 5:30, class started at 6:00. I stayed until 7:00 and then went to a meeting at church. The meeting lasted until almost 9:00. Walked back to school to collect my things and set the alarm. Then headed to the house. The school is a block west of the church. The church is north of my house on the same block. Not a long walk. Nice cool fall weather. All was well, until I rounded the corner of the church. That's when a big black rottweiler came out of nowhere barking and growling and running at me and running around me. I yelled at him to go home. He lives across the street from me with several other dogs. The sheriff has been called numerous times but they can't really do anything and we don't have police in our town. I started to walk on home as the dog continued to bark. I could hear him coming closer so I turned around, pointed at his house and screamed, "GO HOME!" That just brought the other dogs over. Now I had the big black dog and medium sized fluffy dog (cute but rude) barking their heads off and two littler dogs watching. I told them all to go home and quit barking. I was in front of the house next door and I was so happy to see the neighbor's front door open. Collin stood there, probably wondering if he should go get his pellet gun. He's the same teenager who helped me with the snake ordeal. Then the people across the street opened their door (the dogs' owner) and yelled for the dogs to come home. Strange how those dogs will obey a little 2nd grade girl, but they did. I thanked Collin for coming to my rescue and hurried home. I was a little shaky when I got inside and more than a little upset. It is safer to walk the streets of New York City than it is in rural Oklahoma. The sheriff will be getting another call tomorrow.

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Mari said...

UNREAL. I wonder if you carried your Flip camera and got some footage of the threatening dog if it would make a case w/ the sheriff? You did NOT tell me about being bitten by another dog in town. I guess driving is the only way to go. POO!