Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Break in OKC

Sitting in Java Dave's drinking java, of course, and enjoying their free wifi on my little purple netbook, feeling part of city life. I'm up here going to some free workshops at the State Department of Education, all about social networks. Today was Twitter, Wiffiti, Poll Everywhere and Delicious. Tomorrow is a full day of blogging and copyright, both appeal to the librarian in me.

This is a nice get-away for me. I enjoy the solitude of a hotel room to myself. And being alone with me in a crowded cafe. I'm a people person but I also need a dose of solo from time to time.

In some of the classes I teach, we learn about learning styles, brain dominance, multiple intelligences... Almost all high school students are social or interpersonal. I tend to be intrapersonal. I crave time by myself.

I'm off to find a Curves for my daily exercise and maybe a Target to buy an umbrella.

Happy Travels!

1 comment:

Janie said...

You would have been a great only child. There are many times "I vant to be alone" as Greta would say:-)