Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving Tuesday

We've had one day to give thanks, two days to get good deals, and one day to be generous.  Today is Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday isn't new, but it isn't really old either. It began in 2012 but I didn't hear about it until this year. If you google "Giving Tuesday" you'll find more information than you have time to read.

I saw that UNICEF promises 90% of your donation will go to the children.  That's a high percentage, but I'm donating through my church where 100% of my donation goes directly to the cause I choose.

I'm making my donation to ICT4D (Information & Communications Technology for Developing Countries). I love technology and when I read about the lives that can be saved and improved by simply having cell phones in remote areas, I was in.
  • Pastors and missionaries can stay connected with the outside world.
  • People can get information about floods, disease outbreaks, war and other emergencies in time to prepare for them.
  • In some places, cell phones are used to pay teachers which reduces money lost to graft.
  • Farmers and business owners can get the latest information pertinent to their ventures.
Think of all the ways you use cell phones and other technology and imagine what they can do in the hands of people in less prosperous parts of the world.

If you are interested in learning more or donating to ICT4D, here's the LINK.

Go now, be generous today and give to a cause that captures your passion.

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