Friday, September 9, 2011

5 Minute Friday

In Real Life


I can remember a time when I said, In real life..." That was back in the day when my life seemed surreal. Now it feels very real. I'm living real life.

It's strange how much time I spend with teenagers. Pretty much 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Is it warping my mind or keeping my young? They thought it was funny that I said, "True that." Doesn't everyone say that? Or is there a different expression for real life?

I'm bringing back the expression "groovy." My teens like to laugh at groovy. A boy asked me earlier this week, "What exactly does 'groovy' mean?" It means "Boss" or "Far Out" only with a mellow meaning. Clear as mud? I should have said, "Sweet or tight," but that would've been so in real life.

My seven-year-old grandson is spending the weekend with us. He's playing a video game, Pa is watching sports and I'm blogging. That's about as real life as it gets around here.


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1 comment:

Mari said...

I really like this. I say groovy a lot (or similar far out statements) and crack people up at work. But since you're the one who taught me to speak ... What's the wifiti thing at the bottom?