Sunday, July 15, 2012

Without a Doubt

I have the best job ever (sometimes...and this was one of those times).

On Thursdays, Heather does craft time for elementary age children.  I helped when we made paper plate frogs. This craft followed a morning story time about big mouthed frogs.

The frog in the lower right-hand corner was made by our professional craft sample maker, Sara. I made the one in the lower left-hand corner and teens made the ones on top. The kids took theirs home.

Heather's frog began to look like a turtle tummy so we put our plates together and created this turtle.

Turtle top
(His head was the frog's tongue. Eyes, arms and legs also belong to the frog template. Turtle tail was hand drawn.) 

Turtle Tummy

For a person who loves crafts, kids, teens and spending time with Heather, I was in work heaven.

My reference boss asked me to give him a break at the Reference desk.  When he returned, he told me, "You can go back and play now."

When do you love your job?

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