Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Traditional Books or e-books?

I've started a list of reasons why traditional books are better than e-books. It's a short list, but here it is:
  • You don't have to turn off a traditional book at take off or landing in an airplane. That's a good 30 minutes of reading, at least. And it's the flying time I need a distraction the most.
  • You can read a traditional book in the bathtub.
  • A traditional book's battery won't die in the middle of a chapter, because it doesn't have a battery!
  • You can easily look to see how many pages are left in a traditional book's chapter.
  • Traditional books are memory makers. You can pass on your children's books to your grandchildren.  You can get the Christmas books out each December and relive favorite stories. I think e-books will probably just fade away.
Let me know if you have ideas to add to this list.

P.S.  I love my Kindle.

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Sydney said...

More ideas sent to me in email from Katherine:

You can pull it off the shelf and find a marked paragraph without doing an internet search that may take hours! (I don't have a kindle)

No pass word, no log on, just pick it up and go.

Less expensive than the device which you have to protect from thieves, nobody will steal a book!

The "technology" will not change leaving you in a quandry to leave the old behind and go with something new.

You can personalize it as a gift.