Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Indiahoma Makes National News

It started out with a little service project making sleeping mats for the homeless out of plastic shopping bags (like you take home from WalMart).
Zeke Campfield from the Lawton Constitution came to school, interviewed the students, took pictures and wrote another fabulous article that appeared in the front page section of the December 28th newspaper.

When we came back to school in January, one of my students said his dad saw our sleeping mat story in USA Today. Right. They are always kidding around so I figured this was another one of their tricks.

"No, really Mrs. Perry, our story was in USA Today." They got on the Internet and brought up the online USA Today shortened version of Zeke's coverage. I still didn't totally believe them but was impressed with their computer abilities to fake a website URL and believable content.

Later that afternoon at the public library, I looked at the USA Today they had out on the
newspaper stand and there it was, in real news print, our story.
Oh my gosh, how cool is that!?!

I am amazed that making plarn sleeping mats was the most
interesting thing going on in Oklahoma on January 3, 2011. But I
am really glad it was.

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