Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photoshop Elements

I am leaving this afternoon for day two of an Intermediate Photoshop Elements workshop at the Oklahoma Department of Libraries in Oklahoma City. At this time when jobs are scarce, I have two of the best jobs ever. I'll use Photoshop at my school library job so they are glad to give me the time off and pay a sub while I'm gone. The workshop is offered through my public library job, so of course they are supportive of my trip north. And icing on the cake, ODL has grant money to pay for a hotel room for people who have to drive a long distance. That way people can get there on time and aren't so tired when they do arrive. My job is sending me on a mini-vacation. Did I say I have two of the best jobs ever?

Learning and using Photoshop Elements is so much fun. Here are examples of one thing I learned, recoloring: giving Mari purple eyes.

Regular Mari
Purple eyed Mari

Poppin' Purple Eyes

More examples to follow.

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