Saturday, September 25, 2010

A New Background

Day Two of PhotoShop was even better than Day One.

The hotel was better: a fully stocked kitchen [minus food] with microwave, fridge, and dish washer, a huge flat screen TV with free DVD "rentals," a couch, table, desk, free wifi and a view of Barnes and Noble. Many hotels offer a complimentary breakfast, this hotel (StayBridge in Oklahoma City) offers a free supper with free beer on tap. I don't drink beer but I'm sure some people would really enjoy that. I checked in and never left the room. When I woke up I wished I could stay till check-out time, but I didn't.

The workshop was really good too. Our teacher, Kathy, is so funny and makes learning this stuff easy. There were people working with five different versions of PhotoShop. Yikes! And Kathy can teach it all at the same time without going too crazy.

One thing we learned was how to put a different background behind your subject. Here's an example that I did from home this morning.

I'll get better with practice, and I will practice because this is so much fun! I hope my insurance covers carpel tunnel.

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