Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day

Here it is day 2 of February and I'm on my first blog post. Let me just say, Winter Wallop 2010 Ice Storm Extravaganza. It's hard to blog without electricity. I'm blessed to have a daughter who invited me to stay with her and enjoy her electricity (computer and TV). If I had an iphone, or better yet, an ipad, would I be able to blog more in a variety of adverse situations?

My hometown lost electricity last Thursday (5 days ago) and as of yesterday is out of water too. A generator is on it's way from Ft. Sill to start pumping water again. No word on when the electricity will be restored.

It's a disaster area, and yet a most eerily beautiful natural scene.

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Mari said...

This was the first mention of Groundhog Day that reached my eyes/ears/brain today. Weird! Hope your winter comes to an end soon!!!