Thursday, December 24, 2009

For Bowzer

I took my wallet out of my purse and dropped it into a gift bag with Beth's Christmas cards that needed to be mailed. I said out loud to myself, "This is going to be problematic. I will forget where my wallet is and spend hours looking for it." That didn't slow me down. Off to the post office I went. Got home, set the bag, that now contained only my wallet and some stamps, on my letter writing shelf.

The next day I got a stamp out of the bag but never even thought about my wallet (it was invisible under the stamps). Looking back, I think God was trying to help me remember that my wallet was still in that bag. I took my stamped letter, got in my car and headed to Lawton to run errands and then go to work at the public library. I had an overwhelming feeling that I'd forgotten something. But what? No clue. Was that God again? I mailed my letter, dropped stuff off at the Good Will and then remembered I had checks to deposit at the bank. Definitely God saving me from a heap of trouble. At the bank I realized I didn't have my wallet. God finally got through to me. Luckily the bank teller didn't ask for ID when I requested cash back from my deposited checks. I was going to need some money to buy food for Christmas and gas. I wondered what I would say to a policeman, if I got pulled over. Luckily I didn't have to find out.

Will God one day get fed up with my constant need for help? I don't think so. And I certainly hope not. OK, I gotta go now and check to see if my wallet is back in my purse or if it's still in the bag.

Merry Christmas!

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Linda said...

Hope you found it! Loved the story....Linda