Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Be Careful Who You Sleep With

I should've known better. But, no.

Daryl left for Lawton to pick up Owen at Beth's school. Owen's school had called Beth to tell her Owen was sick and she needed to come pick him up. Beth didn't think he was very sick. Owen was having a great time playing with Beth's Pre-K kids. Too bad he didn't enjoy Pre-K that much when he was in it. He did not want to leave when Pa got there but he had to. If he's too sick to stay at his own school then he's too sick to stay at Beth's school. Owen cried so hard, according to Daryl, that a huge river of snot dropped out of his nose and spread across the parking lot as they were leaving.

Later that afternoon, Owen came to see me. Through the coughs and the sneezes, I kissed him and hugged him and cuddled as much as he would allow. After his bath we got into bed and watched Yoyo Ma on Mr. Rogers. We both fell asleep before it was over.

Saturday was more of the same with sleeping together on Saturday night. He was still a snot factory at church on Sunday. We ate lunch in Lawton then I tended to my school activities (the newsletter) and didn't see much more of Owen.

Monday I was fine. Tuesday I got worse as the day wore on: achy, stuffy/runny nose, sneezing and coughing. Wednesday I was a little better but it's my long day. 8-3:30 at school followed by 5-9 at the public library. I was now producing the snot river reminiscent of Owen's. I stopped at WalMart and bought his & her Niquil for me & Daryl.

Did I learn my lesson? No! If I had it to do over, I'd do exactly the same. I can't resist that precious little boy.

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