Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Added Memory

You might think I'm going to tell you about some recent special event that will be long remembered and cherished. Not so! The news is, I installed RAM in my computer increasing its memory from 256 MB to 1 GB. I did it all by myself. How is this possible?

I took an after school class from Mr. Wood last semester. We built a computer from the ground up. Everything I did was explained thoroughly beforehand and then guided step by step pointing out exactly where every strange piece of equipment went and how to get it there. I didn't think I'd learned anything but if I ever took a similar class at VoTech, I'd have a little familiarity with the inside of a computer.

Mr. Wood assured me I could add the memory. "It's easy." I've heard that before! He opened one of his computers and showed me what the memory stick looks like. Then he let me pull it out and put it back in. Feeling confident, I ordered the memory from DELL (where I bought my computer). They knew the exact computer I bought from them and what memory I needed plus it comes with instructions. Unbelievably I found my computer owner's manual in the first place I looked. It has detailed instructions for installing memory.

The only trouble I had was getting the back to flip up so I could get to where the memory needed to be. It reminded me of when I lived in California and took an auto repair for women's class. Among other things, I learned to change a tire. I KNOW exactly how to do it BUT I was not/am not strong enough to loosen the lug nuts. I need a big strong man to do that for me. So I might as well let him change the tire too!

I called DELL tech support for help. While on hold, waiting to be transferred to a live person, I finally got the back off and I hung up on DELL. The rest went easy as promised. I got everything back together and it actually worked! I was so happy. And still am.

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