Friday, May 8, 2009


Imagine going to the back of the house to get the newspaper and seeing this curled around the table.

Hmmm, what do we do? We need a boy. Daryl was gone playing music and Owen is only 4. I was going to start calling people when I saw the high school boy next door enter his house. I called him and got his mother. She ended up being the brave snake fighter. They both came over with trash barrel, shovel and hoe in hand.

This guy was not going to go easily. He backed into the corner of a book case where he rattled and spat at us. Just get in the trash can! He didn't want to. Collin had an idea, "I can shoot him with a pellet gun." He went home, got his gun, came back and aimed for the snake's head. He missed the head but shot the snake in what I would call his neck. You can see the discoloration a few inches below his head where he'd been bleeding. The injury slowed the snake down quite a bit so Trisha was able to scoop him into the trash barrel. Whew! Trisha and Collin drove the snake out into the country where he could recover or die.

My final question: What was a snake this size
doing in my house in downtown Green Acres?

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