Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Snakes

After our adventure with Snake #1, I saw Snake #2, he could've been our original snake's twin, crossing the road, heading to my neighbor's house (seeking revenge?). I ran over it with my car, which didn't seem to phase it much, but it did turn around and slither back from whence it came. Yesterday, after hanging up a wind chime on our side porch, I got to meet Snake #3, their little brother. He was curled up in a plastic case of Coke holder with his little head peering out at me. I tried to block the holes to keep him inside, maybe make a pet out of him, but he was a great escape artist and made a break for it before I could get him penned in. In this first picture you can see him making his escape.
Here's the head end. I guess they like to weave in and out of places.

Front View of His Head

I touched his tail to see what he felt like. He turned around and glared at me, I'm sure to let me know he did not want to be touched again.

I tried to get a picture of his full length but cut off his head end. Sometimes it's hard to take digital pictures when it's bright out. This last picture is the longest one I got of him. I'm not sure how much snake is left behind the Coke holder. From here he slithered on across the porch and down underneath it. I wonder just how large his family is.

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