Friday, April 5, 2013


I'm trying to decide if I should just give up wearing makeup.  I look at myself in the mirror after applying makeup and wonder, "Does this really look any better?"

Then after my first post-makeup nose blowing, all the makeup under and around my nose seems to transfer to the Kleenex.

During the day, I sit with my chin in my hands while reading the computer screen; there goes more makeup.

My allergies make my eyes run so the only eye makeup remaining at the end of the day is under my eyes.  Thank goodness I wear glasses!

If I were to take before and after pictures, would you give me your opinions? What if I don't label them, and you just have to guess which one is before and which one is after?


Auntie Sue said...

Try a BB Cream instead of makeup. It's tinted miracle cream that smooths the skin tone. It has spf and makes you look gorgeous. :)

Auntie Sue said...
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