Thursday, October 20, 2011

A T-shirt, a Boy and Drought

It was a typical day. I was in Walmart and, as always, I stopped in the boys department to see if there were any good deals. On display, as though a spotlight were shining on it, was this T-shirt in Owen's size. The perfect
T-shirt, but not for Owen. I searched the store for an adult size replica because it screamed "Beemer!" It was the perfect T-shirt for my sister if only it were in her size. Purple tie-dye with a lizard on it. Does it get any better than that? It would've been way better if I could've found one in an adult size. But no, little boy sizes were all they had. So I bought one for Owen. He didn't like it but said he would wear it to church so I could take pictures of him wearing the T-shirt that I couldn't buy for my baby sister.

Picture 1
Inside the church

Picture 2
Outside, by the front door, to get some natural light,
Owen is losing interest.

Picture 3
Can you say drought?
I think we've lost the pine tree
that we planted when Mari & Beth were in Brownie Girl Scouts.

Picture 4
A close up of the lizard. Is he too cute?

Picture 5
Enough is enough.


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Mari said...

I like the close up so I can see my sweet bubba Max's pouty face!