Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Favorite Character: Odd Thomas

The NaBloPoMo theme for February is character. The writing prompt for FEB 1 is: Who's your favorite character from a book, play, film, or other work of art?

Odd Thomas, created by Dean Koontz, came to mind first.

Odd is an ordinary young man who sees dead people and helps them when he can. That's where the similarities to The Ghost Whisperer end. Odd is quirky, funny, fearless and as different from Melinda Gordon as a weekly TV series is from a Dean Koontz thriller.

In an email I learned that there will be a new Odd Thomas book in 2012 (It's about time!) and there is a movie in the works. Dean (I only wish we were on a first name basis) said it was a done deal and should be out some time this year, except it's Hollywood so anything could happen.

Not everyone loves Odd the way I do, but if you enjoy quirky, weird, fun, out of this world crazy thrilling fiction, I suggest you give Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz a try.

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